Top 5 Best Books written by James Patterson

James Patterson is a famous American thriller writer. He is among the best-selling authors who have written over a hundred books, including those with co-authors. He has written a series of books and stand-alone novels and has authored books of varying genres.

With more than 300 million copies of his books in print all around the world, Patterson is the extraordinary white shark of writers. A persistent composition machine, together with his armed force of around two dozen credited co-journalists, has been the planet’s top of the line writer since 2001. Patterson was also the first author to sell about 1 million e-books and topped the list of highest-paid authors by Forbes.

James Patterson’s best books are known for their outlining, plotting, story-flow & structure, mesmerizing readers with his unique storytelling, leaving users flabbergasted to the ending of every saga.

Picture of James Patterson writing one of his best books
James Patterson

5 best books by James Patterson you want to read

1. Along Came a Spider  

If you are still wondering whether you should read any of James Patterson’s books, I would suggest this book as a good start, even though this series is quite long.

No hardcore James Patterson fan would not know Alex Cross, the protagonist of this book. Alex Cross is an excellent detective who is in a cat-and-mouse chase with Gary Soneji, a brilliant serial killer He is so brilliant that the authorities struggle to subdue him.. Together with Jezzie Flannagan, the supervisor of the Secret Service, Alex attempts to capture and outwit the villain while solving murder cases.

Along Came a Spider has been made into a movie due to its popularity

The book is a complete set of mystery, crime, suspense, and thriller genre. The unpredictable page-turning plot twists will leave you wondering how everything will unfold. Unlike the Maximum Ride series, the chase in this book is more dynamic, interesting, and sustaining. When you have a brilliant detective chasing an equally brilliant villain, you are off to a one-of-a-kind chase filled with surpassed scenarios.

Needless to say, this book is not just about the chase between Alex and Gary; it also introduces Alex’s relationships with his family and with someone special to him. 

There is too much to say about this book, so it is better to experience it yourself. It is fast-paced, so no need to worry about the long parts you will need to catch up with (each book will leave you wanting to read the next one,). Although it’s unlikely that all books in this list would satisfy you, the first parts are definitely worth the read in my opinion.

2. NYPD Red

Best books by James Patterson NYPD Red

Formed by the New York Mayor, this unit is tasked to protect the highly influential and richest personalities of Manhattan.

Detective Zach Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Detective Kylie Macdonald of the special unit are both assigned to investigate the case of Sidney Roth, a world’s most popular producer, who was killed of poisoning. Although Zach and Kylie have orders to stop at nothing to catch the killer, this is proving to be more difficult than they had imagined.

One thing to appreciate about Zach and Kylie’s relationship is their undeniable dynamics. If you are into investigative cases where crimes are done bizarrely out in the open, you might want to try this book. It is easy to read, and the cases, as well as the point-to-point location changes, are easy to follow. 

3. Never Never 

Never Never is the second novel in the Harriet Blue detective series. Harriet, always known as “Harry,” Blue is a top-notch sex crimes investigator in Sydney, Australia.

Following the arrest of her brother as the prime suspect of a murder case, sex crime detective Harriet Blue is transferred to Perth, a small town in Western Australia, away from the media’s attention. Together with Detective Whittacker, she investigates the case of the missing mine workers.

For Candice Fox readers, this is a must-read! The short chapters, a Patterson trademark, go well with Fox’s characterization of Harry. If you like Women’s Murder Club, you will get the same Lindsay Boxer vibe from Harry.

4. Step on a Crack 

Patterson and Ledwidge spin a fantastic tale of an audacious massive kidnapping and the unlikely detective thrust into the main role of negotiator, sleuth, and hero. Michael Bennett, a senior homicide detective, has a wife dying of cancer and 10 adopted children of various ethnic origins.

Here comes the most challenging case in Detective Michael Bennet’s career: a hostage-taking crisis occurs during the funeral of a former First Lady, and the lives of some of the most prominent and most influential people in the country are in danger. To add to that, he also finds out that his wife, who has cancer, is already counting her days.

Never Never is probably one of my favorite James Patterson creations. The touching feeling and emotional struggle the main character has while performing his duty adds more character development in the story. This novel takes readers into emotional shifts from the mystery/crime-thriller events to the touching scenes.

5. 1st to Die 

James Patterson’s 1st to Die is the first instalment in the Women’s Murder Club series. This mystery thriller follows homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer, a member of the Women’s Murder Club, and her search for the elusive murderer of newly wedded couples.

An inspector, an assistant DA, a chief medical examiner, and a newspaper reporter four women form the Women’s Murder Club to investigate the mystery and find the killer behind the murders of newlyweds.

What’s to look forward to this series is how each woman plays her role with her specialization. They’re a dynamic team of four women who gather information to solve the crime.

The chapters written from the murderer’s point of view are disturbing as he offers the reader clues about his identity and the final minutes in the victims’ lives. From the killer’s reaction to his first kill to the haunting murders themselves, Patterson’s world promises to enthral the reader with his intriguing, but nauseatingly realistic writing.

Each book in the series has its case, though familiarity with the previous instalments will make you appreciate it more

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